Thursday, April 12, 2012

Looking back, moving forward :0)

Looking back: seeing how faithful God has been..

October 2010
     God has been growing the Gurleys !

  I am sure most of you already know that our family has decided to adopt two children.
     We loved these children from the start and wanted nothing less than Gods best for them.
These children helped us to see what is really important in this life.
   We put much prayer into this decision!   This didn't make sense in our heads but God had put it in our hearts.  Mike set out to be a good servant for those ten days but God had bigger plans...
  One by one, each one of our children came to us, knowing that this is what God has called our family to do.
We all know that our God is big enough!
 We believe God has called us to this adoption.
         It is unbelievable how natural it seems for them to be apart of our family.
            April 12,2012
Abbie and Gage have been here for One year today!
Reading the first blog and thinking about the last year, we can testify that OUR God IS BIG ENOUGH!
I can say that we are so fortunate to have had a great first year.  We have had hurdles to jump and hills to climb in adjusting but through it all We can say God has been good....
Gage and Abbie have adjusted well. Gage is  eleven and finishing up the forth grade. He is a sweet child with a big heart. He has a stubborn streak a mile long. That makes him fit right in. Abbie will be sixteen on the nineteenth of this month. She will start the tenth grade in August. Abbie accepted Christ as her savior on January 29th.
Abbie is still a chatter box , a drama queen, and a true girly girl.
Thinking about this past year, I can hardly believe it has gone so fast! I can not brag on God enough . He is awesome . We still are so unworthy but We know that little is much when God is in it.
A sincere Thank you for all the kindness, love and support that has been showed to our family over the last year and most of all thank you all for your prayers .

P.s. God is still growing Gurleys! Justin will marry in August. God has blessed Him with Callie and we are thankful for her.

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